Congress on Ashok Chavan`s departure: `Betrayers` open chances for others


The Congress party delivered a harsh condemnation in reaction to former Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan`s decision to resign from the party amid suspicions that he will merge with the BJP. In a setback to the Congress just before the Lok Sabha elections, Chavan resigned as a primary member of the party and stepped down as an MLA.

Without specifically addressing Chavan, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh expressed his unhappiness with the departure of persons who had benefited from the party`s assistance. Ramesh said that some people prioritise their interests before ideological commitment and party loyalty.

In a social media post, Ramesh remarked when friends and colleagues leave a political party, it is always a matter of anguish. He further commented on the allure of “THAT Washing Machine,” alluding to the perceived attraction of switching political allegiances. Ramesh was blunt in his criticism, labelling individuals who leave as “betrayers” who fail to see the chances their departure presents for others whose growth may have been hampered by their presence.

“When friends and allies leave a political party that has given them so much—perhaps even more than they deserved—there is some sadness. But for those who are beset by insecurities, that particular washing machine will always prove more attractive than ideological commitment or personal loyalty. What these betrayers do not realize is that their departure will open up massive new opportunities for those whose progress they have been hindering all along,” Ramesh had written.

Chavan`s departure follows the recent resignations of senior Maharashtra Congress leaders Baba Siddique and Milind Deora, further denting the party`s strength in the region. Hailing from Nanded district in Marathwada, Chavan`s political career has been marred by controversy, including his alleged involvement in the Adarsh housing scam in Mumbai, which led to his resignation as chief minister in 2010.

With Chavan`s departure, the Congress faces yet another challenge in retaining its foothold in Maharashtra politics since he wielded influence in the Nanded district. The leader, after quitting the grand old party, stated that his decision was a personal one and further stated he has not yet made a decision regarding which party he will be joining next as rumours are rife he is likely to join hands with the saffron party–BJP. 

Meanwhile, Ashok Chavan`s colleague Prithviraj Chavan said that it was unfortunate to see his departure but he was not aware of the reason behind it. He further told PTI, “I do not think anyone from the Congress will follow Ashok Chavan. The party is holding a meeting with all its MLAs in Mumbai on Tuesday to review the situation.”

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