Ukraine’s Foreign Minister discusses Ukraine’s EU accession with Estonian counterpart

Foreign Affairs ministers of Ukraine and Estonia, Dmytro Kuleba and Margus Tsahkna, have discussed the future start of negotiations concerning Ukraine’s EU accession.

Source: Kuleba and Tsakhna on Twitter (X) cited by European Pravda

Details: Kuleba revealed that he had coordinated the steps of Ukraine’s EU accession and a December meeting of the European Council, “which is expected to decide on opening accession talks”. 


The foreign ministers also discussed the supply of projectiles to Ukraine from the EU, and the Special Tribunal for Russia’s crime of aggression against Ukraine.

Tsahkna reported about his conversation with Kuleba and Gabrielius Landsbergis, Foreign Affairs Minister of Lithuania, on the “European security situation, continuous support to Ukraine and mutual meetings in the near future”.

The decision whether to start the EU accession negotiations with Ukraine will be considered at the EU leaders summit in December. At the moment Hungary may become an obstacle since it promises to block decisions beneficial for Kyiv.

A European official even said in a comment for the Reuters agency last week that a long-awaited start of negotiations is “under threat“, and there is no consensus concerning supplying Kyiv with €50 billion more of aid.

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