UK intelligence reveals Russian plans for Krasnopol guided artillery shells

With increased production of Krasnopol-M2 guided artillery shells, Russia will probably try to technically improve this ammunition, which now works worse in bad weather.

Source: European Pravda; UK Defence Intelligence review on 14 November

Details: Analysts recall that Russia has announced an increase in the production of corrected 152-mm Krasnopol laser-guided ammunition and improved its effectiveness in bad weather. 


“Russia’s defence industry has been failing to make enough conventional munitions. The planned increase in Krasnopol manufacturing is likely an attempt to use production capacity more efficiently, “the UK Intelligence notes. 

So far, Russian gunners have successfully used this ammunition, often for targeted strikes on individual pieces of equipment. To mark targets, they use drones to illuminate them with a laser. 

“However, low clouds have been the key limiting factor in the round’s performance because its laser detector does not have time to spot the laser energy and manoeuvre for striking. 

The Russian industry will likely attempt to improve Krasnopol’s flight performance and reduce the round’s laser detection time, “the review notes.

Analysts suggest that with the onset of cloudy winter weather, Russian forces’ access to advanced precision-guided munitions will be one of the key factors for success on the battlefield. 


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