SHRC to settle stray dog attack case

SHRC to settle stray dog attack case

Following a comprehensive report submitted by the Muzhappilangad grama panchayat and the Kannur District Collector, the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has decided to settle the case related to the distressing incident of stray dogs attacking a Standard 3 student near the Muzhapilangad railway station.

According to a release from the SHRC, the Muzhappilangad panchayat has taken a proactive step by allocating over ₹1.44 lakh from its own funds to meet the treatment expenses of the girl.

The panchayat secretary informed the commission about the ongoing Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme. A total of 51 dogs have so far undergone sterilisation under the initiative. After local residents voiced concern, 36 of the sterilised dogs were relocated to the Palakkad Sanathana Animal Trust.

The report also mentions the proactive efforts by three panchayat members who set up cages for aggressive dogs in the panchayat.

The Collector informed the SHRC of the ongoing efforts to maintain cleanliness in tourist locations in Kannur. Comprehensive projects have been launched to manage stray dog population effectively.

The Collector also promised to make anti-rabies vaccines readily available to control rabies. Furthermore, steps will be taken against improper garbage disposal. Besides, a mandatory registration system for pet dogs will be implemented.

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