”Open your eyes”: Zelenskyy addresses Africans, proposes his visit

”Open your eyes”: Zelenskyy addresses Africans, proposes his visit


Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, has stated he is ready to come to African countries and develop healthy communication with them.

Source: Zelenskyy at the press conference with representatives of the African media

Quote: “I am ready to come to any country on your continent. I do not have any priorities. I think that we should organise a meeting wherever we can so that I can get in close contact with a maximum number of leaders and a maximum number of people. I think it would be the best option.”


Details: Zelenskyy also noted that Russia traditionally uses power and influence via informational manipulations in African countries, while Ukraine plans to develop healthy communication.

Quote: “I will not try to change your mind. I will try to persuade you so that you change it yourselves, and knowing more about what is happening and having more information will be enough for this. Open your eyes. We are only fighting for a deeper understanding of the situation.”

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