Navi Mumbai man arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend after 6-month run


Authorities have arrested a 21-year-old guy from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, who had been escaping for around six months after he was accused of killing his girlfriend, according to an official report on Tuesday.

According to senior police inspector Sunil Shinde, a woman who has not been recognised was found dead on October 10, 2023, in a remote part of Bhingri hamlet in the Panvel district of Navi Mumbai, the PTI report stated. 

Reportedly, following the filing of a murder case, the police began gathering information about people who knew the victim and those who lived close to the scene of the body`s discovery.

Information emerged suggesting the involvement of Pandav Gorakh Jadhav, popularly called Pandya, a member of Panvel`s Maldhakka slum colony. It was believed that Pandya lived with the deceased and that he had strangled her to death before taking off, the PTI report further stated. 

According to the report, in response to a tip they received on March 29, law enforcement agents set up a trap at a Panvel mall, and when Jadhav arrived, they were able to successfully arrest him.

Jadhav admitted to drinking alcohol with the victim on October 9, 2023, which sparked a fight, during questioning. He allegedly acknowledged that he had strangled the woman and then fled the scene, the news agency`s report stated. 

The suspect admitted to being continuously on the move throughout Maharashtra, even venturing into Gujarat in an attempt to avoid capture, according to the officer`s statement to PTI. 

Meanwhile, in another case, following a quarrel over a long-standing grudge in Maharashtra`s Thane district, a 25-year-old man was allegedly killed by six unidentified individuals, according to police on Wednesday. According to a PTI report, the incident happened in Kalyan township`s Kolsewadi neighbourhood on Tuesday.

The victim, Suraj Hilam, and the accused got into a fight over some unresolved issues. According to a Kolsewadi police station official, the accused allegedly beat the man after calling him out of his house on Tuesday afternoon, the PTI report added. 

Reportedly, Suraj returned home and in evening, his family members found him unresponsive. He was later declared dead. 

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