Molitics Infomedia Raised Funding from SAAMAG Group


  • In the next quarter, the company is planning to hit Bangladesh Market

  • The app’s premium version, i.e. Molitics+ offers the world’s costliest subscription


Molitics is about to bring positive changes in Indian politics in the years to come. Socio-political media company Molitics Infomedia raised funds with backing from SAAMAG Group founded in 1995 as a trading firm in New Delhi, SAAMAG Group is a frontrunner in Shipping, Healthcare, Real Estate and E-commerce industries.


Molitics Team


Molitics Infomedia, the first-ever socio-political media, has developed two applications; one is Molitics, which is a social networking application, designed especially for journalists, social activists and political commentators while another one is Molitics+, which runs on subscription base model for political leaders.


“Molitics is intended to bridge the gap between political leaders and common people,” says Anudeep, Director and Founder of Molitics, the main brain behind the applications. “It is something which lets leaders know about the needs of voters and allow common people to put forward their issues pertaining to a particular leader or group of leaders.”


Talking about the funds, the Founder & Director of the company, Anudeep, said that the funding would help Molitics grow its user base globally and expand its business across the country. “As far as future plans are concerned, Molitics is looking forward to being the Social Media platform specially designed for journalists, social activists and political commentators. Apart from this, it will provide its users all the political information like leader’s encyclopaedia, real-time surveys and election results.” He added.


Presently, more than hundred national and local political leaders are using M+ in individual capacities whereas four prominent political parties used M+ to expand their reach, build team and strengthen themselves.


Recently, Molitics Infomedia revamped its existing news application as the socio-political social media. The development came after approximately 15 days since Molitics got funding from SAAMAG Group. The investment has been made in order to expand the user base and service areas. The investment will help them reach out to more users across the country.


Molitics will be the one-point knowledge centre for everyone interested in politics. All the stakeholders of political ecosystem like voters, leaders and political workers will be benefitted by the solution.


Molitics is a mass product and is available on iOS and Google Play Store for free providing its users the static and dynamic political knowledge like political leader’s details, election results, ground reports etc. Apart from this it gives its users a platform to write about the socio-political developments and issues. It also gives them an option to hold their representative accountable for concerned issues. Whereas, Molitics+ is one of the most expensive applications present on Google Play store. It is especially designed for political leaders in order to manage their task-force and strategies elections accordingly.


Molitics+ is designed keeping in mind that transparent communication between political leaders and voters will benefit everyone. As per its functioning, political leaders may get to know about the real problems of their electorates and address them accordingly. A leader can also delegate the tasks to his workers and keep a track of it.


About SAAMAG Group

Founded in 1995 as trading firm in New Delhi (India), SAAMAG Group has redefined success creating unmatched value in the realms of shipping, real estate, hospitality, construction and E-commerce.