Fuel for Ukraine’s Armed Forces to be marked in red and green to prevent abuse

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine will require suppliers to mark the fuel for the Armed Forces with a red colour. Diesel fuel will have a bright red dye added, while petrol will be marked with green.

Source: Ukraine’s Defence Ministry on Telegram

Quote: “The Ministry of Defence plans to establish the supply of such marked fuel as early as next week. Marked diesel fuel is expected to be available for the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the end of November.”


Details: Reportedly, the marking will enable the identification and tracking of fuel purchased exclusively for the needs of the Armed Forces, reducing the possibility of its illegal sale.

The Defence Ministry also noted that the designated colour will prevent abuse on-site regarding fuel mixing.

The Ministry of Defence assures that marked fuel will be impossible to dilute, ensuring that the colour remains visible even if heavily diluted. Even if diluted significantly, diesel fuel will be of a less saturated red or pink hue.

Green dye will also be introduced for petrol. “The price of diesel and petrol will not change after the changes are implemented,” the Defence Ministry stated.

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