Five Reasons Why AYANA Offers the Most Unique Vacay with your Family in Indonesia


From Bali to the lesser-known Komodo Island, Indonesian luxury hospitality brand AYANA offers options for next family getaway. At Bali’s AYANA Estate, nature is the number one guest. Here, the earth, sky, jungle and sea flourish in their own ecosystem. Located amidst a majestic jungle on the pristine shoreline of Jimbaran, this 90-hectare resort is home to four luxury hotels – the luxurious AYANA Villas; a contemporary hotel that borrows from Balinese heritage AYANA Segara; the flagship property AYANA Resort; and the jungle resort RIMBA.


Rock Bar at AYANA Estate Bali


On arrival at any of these properties, guests are immediately transported into the world of Tri Hita Karana – the healing philosophy that creates harmony and balance between humans, nature and Gods. The award-winning AYANA Estate is alive with 200 plant species, hummingbirds and bulbul. As one walks through the estate, Kamasan paintings and Sungkai wood carvings allow guests to pause, reflect, relax and escape from the world outside.


Here are five other reasons the estate offers one of the most unique and memorable stays for its guests.


Rock Bar

Rock bar, one of the world’s best hotel bars awarded by CNN has all the drama and panache that makes it the global favourite and widely respected cocktail and entertainment venue that it is. Perched atop unique rock formations with oceanfront settings, Rock Bar’s glamorous cliffside entrance makes it the best place to view a Bali sunset with the perfectly constructed drink in hand!


Private White Sand Beach and 14 Swimming Pools – Guests staying at AYANA Estate in Bali offered private access to white-sand Kubu Beach, where they can enjoy Bali’s all-yearlong sun and warm weather, or a sumptuous picnic by the beach with the family. Options of swimming pools are endless, from adult-only ocean facing infinity Ocean Beach Pool at AYANA Resort, three-tiered swimming pools at RIMBA by AYANA Bali or the largest indoor-outdoor pool at AYANA Segara Bali. These facilities are accessible for all guests at AYANA Estate regardless of which of the four hotels they are staying.


AYANA Resort – Ocean Beach Pool


Island Camps at AYANA

For families travelling to Bali, AYANA Estate offers Southeast Asia’s first destination camp for children within a resort. In collaboration with the best provider in education, Guidepost Montessori and Green Camp Bali, AYANA offers Guidepost at AYANA and Greencamp AYANA. Guidepost at AYANA offer a seamless transition for those aged two to six who are already in a Montessori school – which encourages hands-on learning – anywhere in the world; the week-long activity will focus on nature, culture, food and ocean life. While for kids aged between seven and 12, AYANA Estate in Jimbaran has collaborated with Green Camp Bali, one of the world’s greenest and most purpose-driven camp experiences, to offer children a program that develops their knowledge and awareness of sustainability, encouraging their creativity and fostering respect for the natural world and different cultures. Kids can explore insect and marine life as junior scientists; become aspiring bamboo architects; experiment as artists using natural materials; sharpen their survival skills on a jungle trek; forage for food at AYANA Estate’s organic farm; and learn to cook nutritious Indonesian cuisine! Children enrolled to these programmes ensured an educational and nurturing activities, while parents can bask under the Bali’s famed sun by one of the 14 pools at the Estate.


Full-day island-hopping tour Komodo

Families looking for a more adventurous getaway can visit AYANA Estate’s sister property, AYANA Komodo Wacicu Beach at Labuan Bajo. One-hour flight away from Bali, is a natural wonder of Komodo National Park where the hotel is located. The hotel’s fleet of water vessels provides a full-day boat excursion that gives guests a chance to explore the iconic Padar Island. This is the most scenic viewpoint of Komodo giving guests unadulterated views of a white, black and pink beach. Follow this up with an exciting snorkelling session that takes guests into the underwater world where guests can swim with exotic aquatic life. The Komodo Dragon tour is another highly recommended activity where guests get to see up, close and personal, the world’s biggest lizard!


AYANA Marine Life & Coral Planting

The key objective of AYANA’s Marine Discover Centre is to raise awareness about the issues affecting the oceans and coral reefs and to encourage guests to actively participate in coral conservation programs. Visitors of all ages can engage in educational programs, hands-on activities like coral planting, snorkelling and diving excursions to explore the stunning coral reefs and marine life surrounding the island. The in-house marine biologist Lee Miles at AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach, a hub for education and conservation, believes that everyone can play a part in helping to protect the environment.


So, the next time guests plan guests summer vacay to Bali and Komodo, guests know where to head to.

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