Christoph Waltz is a part of ‘Frankenstein’, reveals Guillermo Del Toro

Christoph Waltz is a part of ‘Frankenstein’, reveals Guillermo Del Toro

Actor Christoph Waltz poses at the 2023 Los Angeles Philharmonic Gala, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2023, at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles
| Photo Credit: Chris Pizzello

Filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming feature adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has been in the news for some time now, with actors like Andrew Garfield, Mia Goth and Oscar Isaac attached to the cast. Now, the filmmaker has revealed that actor Christoph Waltz is also a part of the film.

While answering a question at Collider’s 10th anniversary IMAX 3D screening of the director’s 2013 film Pacific Rim, del Toro briefly touched upon his upcoming horror film. “I’m doing Frankenstein. We’re working on it. We start shooting in February, and it’s a movie I have been wanting to do for 50 years since I saw the first Frankenstein.”

“I had an epiphany, and it’s basically a movie that required a lot of growth and a lot of tools that I couldn’t have done 10 years ago. Now I’m brave or crazy enough or something, and we’re gonna tackle it. It’s Oscar Isaac, Andrew Garfield, Christoph Waltz, Mia Goth, and we’re working on it,” he said.

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Frankenstein, set to begin filming in February, is being developed at Netflix.

Notably, Waltz played Count Volp in del Toro’s 2022 stop-motion film Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. Apart from Frankenstein, the actor will be seen in Simon West’s upcoming action comedy Old Guy.