A New Milestone in the Journey of “Your Platform”

We are pleased to announce that Your Platform has become the first publication to be distributed on India’s fastest train, the Vande Bharat. This move is regarded as a significant milestone, with implications for the magazine’s and brand’s visibility and reach. Your platform on the Vande Bharat Chennai-Mysuru train route is strategically placed because it will attract readers from all walks of life. Vande Bharat will be the fifth train on which Your Platform magazine will be distributed, and its audience will be more diverse than its traditional readership. The magazine will soon cover other Vande Bharat trains for distribution.


Your Platform Founding team


The Vande Bharat train is a popular choice among today’s travellers. Advertisers looking to reach a more upscale audience will be drawn to the magazine’s inclusion in carefully curated advertising. This move by Your Platform Magazine establishes the publication as a strong contender in India’s magazine and publishing industries.


Your Platform Magazine’s founding team, V Praveen Kumar, Shankar M Shiv, and Karthik PS, as well as Aloysius Dsouza (Your Platform’s Art Director) and Amit Gaikwad (Your Platform’s Editor), have ensured that the magazine’s content caters to the interests and needs of the readers.


For those unfamiliar with the magazine, Your Platform is the first In-train magazine published in collaboration with Southern Railways. It is a full-service leisure, travel, and lifestyle publication with a diverse range of content in genres such as automobiles, banking, education, entertainment, fashion, gadgets and technology, health, and travel, among others, as well as other topics and issues such as health, travel, business, and lifestyle.


What gives Your Platform the advantage

  • First in-rail magazine in the history of Southern Railways

  • A smart magazine where content can be consumed through print and digital mediums

  • High shelf-life with 30 days of shuttle service

  • Maximum reach with new reader’s base on daily basis (approx. 80% to 85% new travelers on daily basis)

  • Maximum engagement with an avg. travel time of 6 hrs per train (One-way journey)