60% of Telangana budget with KCR’s family: Thakare


60% of Telangana budget with KCR’s family: Thakare

File picture of Congress leader Manikrao Thakre
| Photo Credit: VIVEK BENDRE

AICC incharge for Telangana, Manikrao Thakare alleged that 60% of the entire Telangana budget was in the hands of Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s family and one can’t expect justice to any section of the people.

Mr. Thakare said 1200 people have sacrificed their lives for Telangana but only KCR’s family was enjoying the fruits of separate Telangana. “This was not what Sonia Gandhi desired when she decided to give Telangana and she expected everyone would have share in development,” he said.

Telangana activist Vittal, who extended his support to Congress, said it was time to show gratitude to the Congress party that delivered Telangana overcoming pressures from various sections. He said the unemployed youth have decided to join the Congress campaign against the Chief Minister and the BRS government. He lashed out at CM KCR saying he had failed the aspirations of lakhs of youngsters.

He wondered why CM KCR could not extend financial support to people who sacrificed their lives for Telangana but went all the way to Punjab to pay lakhs of rupees to the farmers who died during the agitation against the three farm laws. How is that justified? he asked.

Mr. Vittal said that as responsible citizens, people like him would question the Congress government too if it committed any mistakes after forming the government.

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