Zelenskyy’s reproaches to Zaluzhnyi mean fissure in Ukrainian leadership – NYT

Zelenskyy’s reproaches to Zaluzhnyi mean fissure in Ukrainian leadership – NYT

Western media see the President’s Office’s criticism of Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for his recent writings as a “striking public rebuke” that shows the gap between the military and civilian leadership in Ukraine.

Source: The New York Times

Details: The New York Times reacted to Ihor Zhovkva, Deputy Head of the President’s Office, commenting on Zaluzhnyi’s article in The Economist, saying that the military should not make public what is happening on the frontline.


Quote: “It was a striking public rebuke that signalled an emerging rift between the military and civilian leadership at an already challenging time for Ukraine.

The emerging fissure between the general and the president comes as Ukraine is struggling in its war effort, militarily and diplomatically. Its operations along the roughly 600-mile-long trench line have failed to produce any advances, while resulting in high casualties on both sides, and Ukraine is facing intensified Russian attacks in the East. 

At the same time, scepticism about Ukraine aid has increased in some European capitals and among members of the Republican Party in the United States.”

More details: The New York Times believes that signs of a fissure appeared on Friday, when Zelenskyy’s office fired one of General Zaluzhnyi’s first deputies, General Viktor Khorenko, the commander of the Special Operations Forces, without giving an explanation.

Journalists wrote that US military officers who had worked with General Khorenko were surprised by the news of his removal and described a close and effective working relationship with him.

The NYT writes that Khorenko’s dismissal has puzzled some people, although there is “grumbling in the ranks over what was perceived as politically guided decisions on strategy, including the launch of an amphibious assault across the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine that has yet to secure a bridgehead on the Russian-held eastern bank.”


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