Would prefer to get hitched to…: Rahul reveals partner choice | India News


NEW DELHI: A bachelor, Congress member Rahul Gandhi has said he would prefer to settle down with a woman who has the qualities of his mother Sonia Gandhi and grandmother Indira Gandhi.
In a YouTube interview posted by Rahul on his Twitter handle, he called Indira “the love of my life, my second mother”. Asked if he would settle down with a woman like her, he said, “That is an interesting question. . . I would prefer a woman… I do not mind her, she has got qualities. But a mix between my mother’s and grand mother’s qualities is good. ”
Talking about motor vehicles, Rahul said that he is not obsessed with cars and doesn’t own one, though he can “fix a car”. He said he is interested in driving and likes motorcycles, but prefers cycles… “the concept of using your own power”.
He also said he is passionate about drone revolution, but India has missed it.


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