What ”Green” Benefits Will EU Receive from Ukraine’s Membership

What ”Green” Benefits Will EU Receive from Ukraine’s Membership

With the prospect of Ukraine’s EU membership, Ukraine has got new and challenging tasks – not only the homework at the national level in implementing the entire EU acquis. Ukraine also has to get as many supporters for its accession among EU member states and their citizens.

It is necessary to work now with sceptics of Ukraine’s European perspective outside its borders. It is a long and complex process. There will be many myths and manipulations along the way.

Read more about the EU benefits in “green” areas in Ukraine, in an article by Natalia Andrusievych from the resource and analysis center Society and Environment – What Will EU get from Ukraine’s Membership: Three Arguments for Ecology.

The EU needs additional resources to achieve Europe’s climate neutrality by 2050.

Ukraine has significant potential and resources to strengthen the EU’s green transition in agriculture and industry: from organic production and reduced chemical pollution to “green” steel and batteries.

As of 2021, the use of pesticides and mineral fertilisers in Ukraine is significantly lower than the EU’s average. Ukraine uses four times less pesticides, 1,5 time less nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers and twice less potassium fertilisers.

The significant potential for the development of renewable energy sources (RES) in eastern and southern Ukraine, in combination with large iron ore deposits, can be used to create a new industrial ecosystem for clean steel production, including hydrogen.

Ukraine has the potential for decarbonising the economy in both traditional sectors (energy efficiency in construction) and new ones (development of hydrogen energy).

Ukraine’s unique ecosystems will enrich EU’s biodiversity.

Occupying less than 6% of Europe’s area, Ukraine possesses about 35% of its population’s biodiversity. Ukraine’s forest cover is 10.4 million hectares, and its natural reserve fund is 4.5 million hectares. Ukraine is of international importance for wild birds – over 15% of the European population of 19 species can be found.

Moreover, Ukraine’s active civil society working with the environment and climate change will become an important engine for promoting green reforms at the EU level.

Thus, for the European community, Ukraine’s accession is not only about strengthening its potential through access to resources or natural capital or opening up new markets.

It is also about strengthening the human potential of the EU (Euro-optimism, shared values and vision, and the creation of green jobs).

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