We have not recorded misappropriation of military aid in Ukraine – US ambassador

We have not recorded misappropriation of military aid in Ukraine – US ambassador

Bridget Brink. Photo: Ukraine’s President’s Office

Bridget Brink, US ambassador in Ukraine, has stated that the representatives of the embassy who keep track of how military, humanitarian and other aid for Kyiv is being used have not registered any cases when it was used for other purposes.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Brink’s interview for Fox News

Details: Brink admitted that in Ukraine, like in other former Soviet states, a long-lasting problem with corruption has existed for a long time, but the full-scale Russian invasion changed the public perception of corruption, and it is no longer tolerated.


Quote: “Number two, Ukrainians, President Zelenskyy, his government, his parliament have been doing many steps even while fighting this war to fight corruption, including now prosecuting a number of very senior officials and members of parliament.”

More details: Moreover, Brink reminded the public that the US embassy in Ukraine is conducting enhanced monitoring of military aid for Ukraine; one-third of the institution is involved in this, as are the members of the Office of the US Inspector General from three different agencies.

“I can say that not one piece of equipment has been diverted in a way that hasn’t been intended to be used; not one piece of humanitarian aid or any other direct budget support or other type of assistance,” she stressed.

“We need to keep watching this like a hawk and we need to keep working closely but the Ukrainians have been incredibly open with all of the security and other types of assistance so that we could have eyes on the ground to see what is happening,” Brink added.

Background: The US created the institute for monitoring and investigating the illegal actions of scammers and corrupt officials who are using the aid from the American people to Ukraine during the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Despite the increase in the number of reports about a possible abuse of military aid provided by the US, its inspectors did not detect serious violations, as reported this spring.

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