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Dariia Kaleniuk, Executive Director of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre, has noted that US programmes aimed at providing military assistance to Ukraine have been exhausted and other ways to finance the war should be considered.

Source: Dariia Kaleniuk on a Ukrainska Pravda talk show 

Quote: “Some military assistance programmes have been exhausted. The USAI programme, which procures weapons for Ukraine, has no funding. For now this is not critical, but in coming weeks, and especially months, we will feel this situation at the front. That is, our military will feel it. We need to understand in a very adult way that there is a problem for Ukraine in the States.”


Details: Kaleniuk said that a potential action plan for Ukraine, which should be carried out by the authorities and parliamentarians, is to strengthen the campaign for the confiscation of US$300,000 billion of frozen Russian assets in the United States and Western Europe, to consider the possibility of negotiating support with rich countries such as Norway, and in general to put the Ukrainian economy on a wartime footing.

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