Ukrainians will never lose their gratitude to Poland – Zelenskyy

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has congratulated Poland on its Independence Day on 11 November, noting that the partnership between the two nations makes the whole of Europe stronger.

Source: Zelenskyy on Twitter

Quote: “On behalf of the Ukrainian people, I congratulate the President of Poland and the entire Polish people on the Republic of Poland’s National Independence Day. May your independence be invincible and eternal.”


Details: The president stressed that a common goal and the value of freedom unite the Ukrainian and Polish peoples.

“Every time we stood together, we changed history for good and won. Together, we are at least twice stronger,” Zelenskyy noted.

The Ukrainian president stressed that Ukrainians “will never lose gratitude to Poland and will always value its support during the most difficult time of Russian aggression”.

“The Polish people helped Ukraine withstand the attack. I am grateful for the respect shown to all Ukrainians who have been accepted into Poles’ homes.

The strong partnership between our free nations makes both of us and our entire Europe stronger.”

Zelenskyy added that Ukraine and Poland are united in their will for freedom and “will always stand together”. “In the EU, NATO, and throughout our shared history,” the president concluded.


  • On the eve of the Polish elections, relations between Ukraine and Poland have recently cooled due to the grain crisis and accusations of “ingratitude”, and the issue of border blockades by hauliers has been added to the mix in recent days.

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