The New Statement in Trendy Timekeeping

The New Statement in Trendy Timekeeping

Sonata, a renowned name in the watchmaking, is excited to announce the debut of its newest sub-brand, Poze. Aiming to capture the essence of contemporary fashion, Poze is designed with the modern youth in mind, offering a range of watches that complement their online persona and everyday style.


Available at an affordable price range starting from Rs. 725


Poze’s first line is a celebration of style and variety, crafted to suit both men and women who are actively seeking to elevate their fashion quotient. The collection is a reflection of today’s contemporary fashion, offering timepieces that add a touch of sophistication and trendy appeal to any outfit.


For men, Poze presents watches that balance the latest style trends with a sense of bold confidence, featuring designs that make a statement in any setting. The watches come in a contemporary palette of colors and finishes, ensuring there is a Poze for every moment. The selection has contemporary mix of colours and plating colours.


For women, Poze presents an array of timepieces featuring elegant dials and select styles accented with delicate gemstones. Crafted with fashion and comfort in mind, these watches effortlessly accentuate any ensemble. The collection offers a rich palette of hues, from soft pastels and warm rose gold to bold, statement colors.


“At Sonata, we are dedicated to bringing the latest in fashionable timekeeping to our discerning customers. With Poze, we continue this tradition by offering a range of watches that are as much about making a personal style statement as they are about timekeeping. We invite the youth to define their style statements with Poze’s stunning selection, available at price points that make fashion-forward timekeeping accessible to everyone,” says Prateek Gupta, Head of Marketing and Product at Sonata.


The Poze collection stands as a testament to Sonata’s spirit of innovation, bringing on-trend watches to the fore, crafted for the young and fashion-conscious. These timepieces are more than just accessories; they are the ultimate fashion complement for the youth of today, who value style and substance.


Discover the stunning Poze collection and redefine your style statement at Sonata’s official website. The price range for the collection is 725/- to 1499/-.


About Sonata

Sonata, the largest-selling watch brand in India from Titan Company Ltd., a TATA group company, has built its reputation on delivering great quality and outstanding value for its customers. The brand enjoys a robust annual sales volume of over 5.5 million watches, supported by a strong retail network of over 8,000 dealers nationwide. Every Sonata watch is a purchase backed by the TATA promise of excellence.

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