Suspire Celebrates Earth Day by Encouraging Sustainable Living through Tree and Coral Planting


New Delhi, Delhi, India

On the occasion of World Earth Day (22 April), Suspire, a leading e-marketplace offering sustainable and eco-friendly products under one roof reiterates the need to plant more trees and corals through its unique initiative to reward sustainability. Suspire is a sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free e-commerce marketplace that offers over 150 planet-positive apparel, personal care, F&B and home decor brands.


Through this one-of-its-kind initiative, Suspire is successfully promoting sustainable habits among consumers. Every time a customer orders through the e-marketplace, Suspire plants trees and corals on their behalf. This initiative by the brand has a far-reaching impact on the global ecosystem. Coral Reefs act like shoreline buffers and save us from natural calamities like hurricanes and tidal waves. Research shows 50-80% of earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean and planting more corals, and trees will save the earth from calamities and make it a more sustainable and better place.


Suspire, Co-founder – Swayam Doshi


Sharing his thoughts about this noble initiative, Swayam Doshi, Co-founder of Suspire says, “We strongly believe that rewarding, encouraging, and incentivising people to be more mindful can have amazing consequences, and we try to achieve that across all our touchpoints. With Suspire, the consumers can have a positive impact on sustainable living.”


Introducing Suspire: Rewarding Sustainability!


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Suspire has gone a step ahead of just giving reward points to customers for shopping on their platform. Once a customer gains a certain impact point through regular purchases, the brand plants trees, and corals on behalf of the customer. Customers can also track and monitor the progress of the sapling or coral planted on their behalf and visibly see the impact of their purchase. So, the more consumers shop on the Suspire e-marketplace, the more trees and corals are planted leading to a more sustainable environment.


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