Shraddha Kapoor triggers meme fest with her quirky Instagram post


Shraddha Kapoor, also known as the “Meme Queen,” is not just admired for her acting skills but also for her engaging presence on social media. The actress, with her smart and witty captions, always makes her fans go crazy.

The “Meme Queen,” Shraddha Kapoor, strikes again! 

Today, when Shraddha Kapoor took to her Instagram and shared a reel, it called for a meme fest. The actress` comment section was filled with playful and quirky responses from her dedicated fans. Shraddha took to Instagram to share a fun reel of herself with a question written on it. With her fun post, the actress asked her fans, ‘2024 ka pehla quarter barbaad karke kaisa feel ho raha hai??’. This question of Shraddha has started a meme fest in her comment section.

While reacting to her post, a fan wrote, “Sudden realization ki quarter year nikal bhi chuka hai kya ????” Another one commented, “Bas aise he REELS aur MEMES dekh kar barbaad kiya.” A third fan wrote, “Jale Par Namak Chidak Rahi Ho”. “Bahut achha laga barbaad karke or aage bhi barbaad karte rehna hai,” wrote a user. While one said, “Itna Kharaab kardia jiski wajah se TBIYAT KHARAB HO GAYI”

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In the reel, Shraddha could be seen wearing a stunning pink strappy dress. The actress’ reel began with her striking sassy poses while it added with some weird yet cute faces.

Shraddha Kapoor`s Pizza Party Saga

Shraddha Kapoor recently made headlines for her fun chat with the paparazzi. The actress loves to have a good time with photographers, and her playful interactions with them often make the rounds online. Recently, she joined them for an impromptu pizza party at an award show. She even requested an extra pizza, adding to the fun. The video of the moment has been making waves on social media.

The video, posted by Instant Bollywood, shows Shraddha requesting an extra pizza, saying, “Ek extra hai kya. Main le lu pukka.” (Is there an extra one? Can i take it, for sure?.)” 

She appreciates the photographers for their kindness. They also seem pleased with her humble attitude. Shraddha looked stunning in a pink shimmer gown. In another clip, she expresses gratitude to the photographers for sharing the pizza with her.

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