Russians launch Shahed drones from south of Ukraine

Russians launch Shahed drones from south of Ukraine


Russian forces launched Shahed attack drones from occupied Crimea in the direction of Odesa Oblast on the evening of 5 November.

Source: Ukrainian Air Force

Details: At 19:18, the Air Force of Ukraine reported that several Russian attack UAVs of the Shahed type were launched from Cape Chauda (Crimea).


At 21:18, the movement of the group of Russian Shahed drones from the Black Sea in the direction of the city of Odesa was reported.

At 21:58, the Ukrainian Air Force reported that the first group of Shahed drones is moving along the Ukrainian-Moldovan border in a northeast direction. 

The second group is north of Odesa and is moving northwards.

Three more groups are approaching Odesa front the Black Sea.

Background: Earlier, the Air Force of Ukraine warned Ukrainians about a missile launched in the direction of Odesa, where explosions were heard later.

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