Out-of-hospital Care Provider HCAH Continues to Expand its Footprint Across India



  • HCAH plans to increase the number of transition care beds in centres across the country from 300 including 44 in Kolkata to 900 beds by FY 2024

  • HCAH has recently been given QAI certification for TCC Standards in India, becomes first player to receive 2 NABH & 1 QAI accreditation


HCAH, a leading health-tech company is expanding its services across regions to ensure patients get access to quality healthcare services. With the aim to strengthen their presence across all metro cities, the company has launched its sixth Transition Care Centre (TCC) in Kolkata, West Bengal. HCAH provides a whole spectrum of rehabilitation and geriatric services to patients across the country and emphasises on creating a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions that meet the needs of patients at an affordable cost.

Today HCAH has the country’s largest chain of Transition Care Centres, with over 250 beds across multiple cities. In the next 5 years, HCAH plans to reach a target of the 2500 transition beds mark and expand its services through technology.

The launch of the new TCC is a response to the growing demand for quality healthcare in India, with the out-of-hospital healthcare market expected to expand to USD 21.3 Billion in size by 2027, from the USD 6.2 billion in 2020. HCAH India is committed to addressing this need and creating a holistic healthcare delivery model that completes the care continuum. HCAH places a high priority on quality and their Hyderabad TCC recently became the first TCC to be accredited under the Indian standards for TCC developed by QAI accreditation.

With the state-of-art equipment, and highly trained & certified staff that understand the pain points of the consumers, TCC Kolkata is one-of-its-kind rehabilitation centre, in the Eastern Region, and with the recent QAI accreditation, HCAH’s TCCs are the first in the market to have 2 NABH & 1 QAI accreditation, which itself speaks about the quality care norms. With this move, HCAH fosters to bring quality healthcare service to Kolkata. With the growing case of strokes recently, rehabilitation in an environment well equipped with the experts and state-of-art machines, minimizes the chances of getting a stroke. And makes people get back to their normal lives soon.

While sharing his excitement about this trajectory, Vivek Srivastav, Co-founder and CEO, HCAH said, “We see the launch of TCC as a new chapter that’ll bring more to the lives of the patients and their families. The new facility in Kolkata will provide long-term acute care, skilled nursing, and inpatient rehab services to meet the needs of a sizable patient population recuperating from trauma, accidents, and operations as well as the growing geriatric population. It is a continued step towards providing better care and better quality of life for our patients. Our goal with HCAH is that in the next five years, we want to become the largest out-of-hospital care player, along with being the largest geriatric care platform.”

“HCAH has been serving the people of Kolkata since the year 2017, and has served 10,000+ patients in home healthcare settings in the eastern part of the country. With our TCC coming up in Kolkata, this will provide treatment in a home like setting, and will commit to have the best outcomes to enable faster recoveries,” said Dr. Gaurav Thukral, COO, HCAH.

About HCAH

HCAH is a Delhi NCR-based health-tech company having presence in 70+ cities across the country. It has raised investments from Burman Family (Promoters of Dabur), Founders of Healthcare at Home UK, Quadria Capital, a Singapore-based healthcare fund and ABC Impact. HCAH provides the best possible healthcare outcomes and quality of life outside of hospitals by building the most affordable and accessible healthcare ecosystem. HCAH has 3 segments in which delivers its services: (i) Physical rehabilitation and recovery through its service range of, Inpatient Rehab, Long Term Acute Care in transition care centres, digital and home rehab; Home ICU and palliative care services; and supply of rehab equipment (ii) Elderly care services including e-commerce and caregiver services (iii) Chronic Disease Management services including screening, diagnostics, infusions, dialysis, oncology treatments, patient support programs, pharmacy, PAPs and adherence programs in association with leading pharma companies. All these services are delivered through HCAH’s proprietary technology platform in homes, centres and digitally.

HCAH is the first company to be accredited under the QAI (India’s homecare standards). HCAH has published/presented 40 papers in national and international journals on its outcomes. HCAH is the only player in the out-of-hospital space to be certified Great Places to Work. HCAH has a NPS of 65%+ throughout its existence.

With the recent acquisition of Seniority, India’s largest senior care platform, HCAH is developing an end-to-end senior care vertical for the holistic well-being of the growing elderly population.

For more information, visit www.hcah.in and seniority.in.


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