Omega Forum for Social Impact

Omega Forum for Social Impact

Omega Healthcare, a leader in healthcare outsourcing services, announced the evolution of its CSR wing into the Omega Forum for Social Impact (OFSI) on November 6.


Inaugural Celebration in Tharangambadi Preceded Grand Launch in Chennai, Showcasing a Model for Community-Led Socio-Economic-Emotional Upliftment


Omega Forum for Social Impact (OFSI), registered as a Section 8 Company, integrates healthcare with socio-economic upliftment, focusing on critical areas like maternal, menstrual, and mental wellness. OFSI’s approach combines preventive and curative health services to foster resilient and self-sustaining communities.


The forum was set up as an independent foundation with the aim of extending and amplifying Omega Healthcare’s community development initiatives.  The firm has supported over 200,000 individuals and is looking to expand its scope beyond the traditional limits of corporate CSR. Their goal is to empower women as decision-makers and drivers of community prosperity through entrepreneurial enablement, microcredit, and skill development to help them grow their livelihoods and communities.


In the coming few years, the foundation aims to empower double their impact and enable grassroots-level socio-economic change. The foundation currently works closely with individuals from tribal communities through various workshops and programmes focused on social and mental well-being, menstrual hygiene, financial literacy and healthcare programmes addressing nutritional requirements. Additionally, it is working with children’s homes in Trichy for their mental health and socio-emotional well-being. To amplify their efforts, the team will collaborate with various industry experts, community workers and mental health specialists.


The foundation’s interventions will primarily be concentrated in South India for the next one year.


The foundation’s genesis was celebrated with a unique community event in Tharangambadi, which set a collaborative tone for the official launch. The event was held near Karaikal on the coast of Tamil Nadu, on October 20. The pre-launch celebration, attended by marginalized men and women from rural Telangana, Karnataka, as well as Chidambaram and Trichy in Tamil Nadu, was a testament to OFSI’s grassroots philosophy. In this philosophy, communities are not just beneficiaries but active partners in change. Having already impacted 200,000 lives in the past 5 years, OFSI is poised to amplify its outreach and deepen its roots in the communities it serves.


The grand launch event on November 6 celebrated OFSI’s strategic vision but also highlighted the foundation’s alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), showcasing a roadmap for impactful initiatives and partnerships. OFSI’s roadmap includes expanding health education, increasing microcredit accessibility, and scaling up skill development programs over the next five years.


Anurag Mehta, CEO of Omega Healthcare, articulates the company’s journey, “Omega’s foray into CSR was always a reflection of our core values. Today, OFSI stands as a testament to our dedication to not just serve but empower communities through strategic healthcare interventions and socio-economic initiatives.”


Sumithra Gomatam, Executive Chairperson of Omega Healthcare, emphasizes the foundation’s mission, “OFSI is our pledge to make a meaningful impact. By harnessing the potential of women as community catalysts, we’re setting in motion a sustainable cycle of empowerment, enhanced by access to skills and credit.”


Sunanda Rangarajan, CEO of OFSI, details the foundation’s approach, “Our strategy transcends traditional CSR, focusing on the socio-economic and emotional well-being of our communities. By integrating healthcare services with educational opportunities, smart skilling, and micro-enterprise support, we’re crafting a future where every individual has the chance to thrive.”


Kannan Sugantharaman, CFO of Omega Healthcare, underscored the vision of unity, stating, “Progress thrives on collective effort. OFSI is dedicated to advancing alongside the communities we serve, championing the cause of those who are often unheard, and empowering them to shape a more equitable future.”


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