New ‘Prison Break’ series in the works

New ‘Prison Break’ series in the works

A still from ‘Prison Break’
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A new series of Prison Break is being developed by Hulu, Variety reported. Elgin James, the co-creator and showrunner of Mayans M.C, is writing the show via his banner Sierra Drive banner.

The new instalment, which is the early stages of development, will not feature the central characters of the original jailhouse drama, Michael Scofield (essayed by Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell).

Elgin James is also the executive producer of the new series, along with Paul Scheuring (creator of Prison Break), Marty Adelstein and Neal Mortiz. Prison Break enjoyed a successful run of five seasons. It inspired a TV film The Final Break, apart from a spinoff, Prison Break: Proof of Innocence.

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Prison Break told the story of Lincoln Burrows, who is facing a death sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. His brother Michael Scofield decides to plan Burrows’ escape from the prison. The series also starred Robin Tunney, Peter Stormare, Amaury Nolasco, Marshall Allman, Wade Williams and Paul Adelstein.

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