Israeli forces close to destroy Hamas’ infrastructure in northern Gaza

Israeli forces close to destroy Hamas’ infrastructure in northern Gaza


Herzi Halevi, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defence Forces, has said that the IDF are “close” to destroying Hamas infrastructure in northern Gaza.

Source: Halevi during a visit to the Gaza Strip, quoted by The Times of Israel

Quote: “We are quite close to destroying the [Hamas] military system that existed in the northern Gaza Strip.”


“We will complete it, we have some finishing to do, but we are getting close to it nicely.”

Details: Halevi added that the IDF intends to continue its activities in the Gaza Strip as long as it is allowed to do so, “in more and more areas, and going to kill [Hamas] commanders and operatives and destroy the infrastructure.”


  • On 31 October, the IDF announced that it had begun fighting Hamas in the underground tunnels of the Gaza Strip. 
  • Later, the IDF stated that they were already operating inside Gaza City and surrounding it from several sides.
  • On 5 November, the Israeli military announced that it had completely surrounded Gaza City and split the coastal enclave in two. 
  • Mark Regev, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Senior Advisor for Foreign Affairs and International Communications, said that Israel was not planning a long-term occupation of the Gaza Strip after the war against Hamas, but it would be responsible for security in the region.
  • On 13 November, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said that Hamas had “lost control” of the Gaza Strip and was retreating south.

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