Israel Defence Forces claim they killed dozens of Hamas terrorists last night in Gaza

Israel Defence Forces claim they killed dozens of Hamas terrorists last night in Gaza

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) says ground forces clashed with Hamas terrorist cells in the northern part of Gaza Strip on the night of 1-2 November, killing dozens of militants.

Source: The Times of Israel

Details: It is reported that the troops of the Golani Infantry Brigade fought “prolonged battles” against Hamas terrorists who fired missiles, detonated explosive devices and threw grenades at the troops.


IDF soldiers fought back with the support of artillery and tank attacks, enjoying the support of the Air Force and the Navy.

“At the end of the fighting, dozens of terrorists were killed,” said the Israel Defence Forces.

It is reported that the soldiers of the Nahal Infantry Brigade also encountered a group of Hamas militants who opened fire at them. The Israeli forces used a plane to strike and destroy the terrorist cell.

Reservists also sent a plane to strike an anti-tank detachment with the support of the navy, the IDF claimed.

Officials of the Israel Defence Forces say they continue to strike Hamas facilities in the Gaza Strip, including weapons production and storage facilities, anti-tank missile launch sites and unmanned aerial vehicle launch sites.


Ghazi Hamad, a senior member of Hamas, welcomed the large-scale attack on Israel on 7 October, during which civilians were killed en masse, and promised that the Palestinian terrorist group would repeat such attacks many times in the future until it destroyed Israel.

It was also reported that Israeli troops broke through Hamas’ front line in the northern Gaza Strip.

On 1 November, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Galant said that the Israel Defence Forces had made huge achievements in its ground operation in the Gaza Strip.

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