Indian realtor bids for Pakistani diplomatic property in Washington DC | India News


NEW DELHI: An Indian realtor has bid $5 million (Rs 41.42 crore) for a Pakistani diplomatic property located in Washington DC. The building once housed the defence section of Pakistan‘s embassy in the US capital, said a report in The Dawn.
The highest bid of almost $6.8 million (Rs 56.33 crore) is a Jewish group that plans to build a synagogue in the building. “The third bidder with about $4 million ( ₹33.13 core) is a Pakistani realtor,” said the report, citing Pakistani diplomatic source.
The building, located on R Street NW, is one of three properties owned by the Pakistani embassy in Washington DC. After photos of the present and old Pakistani embassy flooded social media with reports claiming they were up for sale as well, officials clarified that this was not true.
The current embassy is in a new building constructed in the early 2000s, the old one was on Massachusetts Avenue.
The Pakistan embassy moved to the new building in the early 2000s. Islamabad, however, kept the old building and has reportedly spent around $7 million on its renovation. The R Street building, however, is reportedly in a dilapidated condition. Nearby residents have even complained about it being a security hazard.
The building was bought by then-Pakistani ambassador Syed Amjad Ali between 1953 and 1956.
Pakistan is also considering leasing out the site of the New York Roosevelt Hotel, which it owns. The government is thinking of forming a cooperative venture for potential mixed-use development.
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