‘In 16 months I did what I could do’: Former Chief Justice of India NV Ramana | India News


HYDERABAD: Former Chief Justice of India NV Ramana on Friday said he could strengthen the judicial system by appointing more judges, providing facilities to the judiciary during his 16 months tenure, though he could not completely bring in the reforms.
Justice Ramana was given the Rasamayi-Dr Akkineni Lifetime Achievement Award here.
Speaking at the function, he said despite modern technology availability, the present day movies lack quality unlike old films and the industry has the responsibility of improving it.
“You all know that the 16 months time that I had (as chief justice of India), I did what I could. I could not do everything, because that was not possible. I hoped that there would be total reforms in the judicial system after 75 years of independence. But there was no possibility,” he said.
He said within his capability, appointment of judges, facilities for judiciary and modernization of the system were among some of the initiatives taken up so that the judiciary comes closer to common people.
He further said access to justice is important as people should not be wary of the judicial system.


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