Hindu Maha Ganapathi immersion procession in Yadgir on Sunday

Hindu Maha Ganapathi immersion procession in Yadgir on Sunday

A large procession of Ganesha idol, which was installed by Hindu Maha Ganapathi Samiti, will be carried out on Sunday and culminate in an immersion in a lake in Yadgir.

Addressing presspersons in Yadgir on Friday, District Coordinator of Bajrang Dal Shivakumar Sukalur, said that the procession would start from Ambabhavani temple and head to the lake via Subhash Chandra Bose Circle, Shastri Circle, Ambedkar Circle, Kanaka Circle, Gandhi Circle, Chakrakatta and Mailapur base.

The 21-day public celebration of Ganesha festival would come to an end on Sunday, he said, adding that the procession would commence by 2 p.m. and end by midnight.

“Anna Dasoha was arranged for the general public and devotees twice in a day from the day of installation of Ganesha and dishes will provide to participants even on Sunday during the immersion procession,“ Mr. Sukalur said. He added that thousands of people locals and those from outside Yadgir would participate in the procession.

Hanumandas Munda, Venkatareddy Kotimani, Pramod Gowda, Mallu Malikeri, Sharanu Mundaragi, Tayappa Sendagi, Bheemu Potaraj and Chandru Anapur were present.

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