Group of Russians surrender on Tavriia front

Destroyed Russian equipment. Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces on Facebook

Over 10 Russian soldiers surrendered on the Tavriia front on 12 November, as reported by Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, Commander of the Tavriia Operational and Strategic Group of Forces 

Source: Tarnavskyi on Telegram

Quote: “Over a dozen Russian invaders surrendered yesterday.


In total, on the Tavriia front, the enemy inflicted 22 airstrikes, conducted 43 combat clashes and carried out 576 artillery attacks. “

Details: Tarnavskyi stressed that Ukrainian soldiers are steadfastly holding the defence on the Avdiivka front.

During the past day, Rocket Forces and Artillery  units from the Tavriia Operational and Strategic Group of Forces completed 847 fire missions, killed 455 Russians, and destroyed one tank, two armoured vehicles, two artillery systems and three UAVs.

The Ukrainian forces also destroyed two ammunition depots and damaged seven pieces of Russian military equipment.

The offensive operation on the Melitopol front continues, Tarnavskyi concluded.

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