EU Foreign Affairs chief acknowledges that war between Israel and Hamas is already affecting support for Ukraine

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Josep Borrell. Photo: Getty Images

Josep Borrell, EU’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, has acknowledged that the war between Israel and Hamas is already affecting international support for Ukraine.

Source: Borrell in an address at the 2023 conference of EU ambassadors, European Pravda reports

Details: Borrell acknowledged that while the two conflicts are very different, the escalation in the Middle East is already affecting Allied policy toward Ukraine and overall international support.


“During my recent visit to Washington, for the Summit, together with the two Presidents, [the President of the European] Commission [Ursula von der Leyen] and the [President of the European] Council [Charles Michel], I had the opportunity to express my concern directly to President Biden, and my colleague Blinken, that our international support for Ukraine may erode in the light of what is being seen as the practice of double standards. This is an acute problem that all of you have to contribute to fight,” Borrell said.

He noted that many countries of the so-called Global South still consider the Russian-Ukrainian war to be a regional rather than a global problem, which is of concern primarily to the West and which the West must  solve quickly “because we cannot bear the consequences of this war”.

“And they [countries of the Global South – ed.] will take advantage of the crisis in the Middle East to underscore what they see as a contradiction in our positioning or even a contradiction among Europeans, as expressed during the last United Nations [General Assembly] resolution vote,” Josep Borrell added.

Borrell called on the world to prevent the decline of attention to Ukraine and the unity of its allies in its support, stressing that the future of Europe depends on the outcome of this war.

At the beginning of the speech, the EU’s top diplomat expressed the view that the coming months will be decisive for the future of the world.

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