Creating civil-military fusion to fight security challenges, says Rajnath Singh | India News


NEW DELHI: The government is taking steps to create a robust, secure, speedy and self-reliant logistics system, with the requisite civil-military fusion, to effectively deal with future security challenges, defence minister Rajnath Singhsaid on Monday.
“India has become the fifth-largest economy in the world today. It is fast moving towards becoming a $5 trillion economy. In future, whether in the battlefield or civilian sector, the criticality of logistics sustenance is going to increase,” he said. Reforming the system of logistics according to the needs of 21st century is the need of the hour, he said, speaking at the Army Logistics Conference here.
General Manoj Pande said that one of the important lessons from Russia-Ukraine war is that the pace, intensity and reach of military operations ride on strength, agility and capacity of logistics support. “Wars aren’t fought between militaries alone; they remain a whole nation endeavour. Wars test national resilience and stretch the nation’s resources and capacities. The Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has already passed the half-year mark, is an apt example,” he said.
“While military infrastructure will continue to meet the immediate and specific demands of the armed forces, it is the civil-military fusion with the support of Indian industry that shall provide the bulwark for execution and sustenance of future operations,” Gen Pande said.
The minister, on his part, said the government has prepared important policies in order to integrate logistics in the country, and make it ‘self-reliant’. This includes emphasis on infrastructure development through the National Logistics Policy, which is being formulated, the ‘PM Gati Shakti’ platform and other efforts.
“Logistics in future wars will require jointness not only among the services, but also among all bodies of the country in the form of industrial back-up, R&D, material support, industry and man-power,” Singh said. The government is also focussing on establishing common logistics nodes for the three Services in the country. Through these nodes, the resources of one Service will seamlessly be available to the rest, he said.
The foundation is being laid for a strong military logistics system, which is pivotal for operational preparedness of the armed forces as it ensures the right items, with the right quality and quantity, are available to the military at the right time and right place.


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