Content creator Chandni buys Akshay Kumar`s apartment at 24


Content creator Chandni Bhabhda well-known for mimicking Alia Bhatt has purchased an apartment in Mumbai. The 24-year-old content creator has bought a flat in the heart of the city that has a connection with superstar Akshay Kumar. The house bought by the viral content creator was once owned by the `Mission Raniganj` actor.

On Sunday, Chandni took to her Instagram handle to share pictures from her housewarming ceremony. Dressed in a pink saree, Chandni was seen carrying out traditional housewarming rituals along with her family members. 

Sharing the pictures, Chandni wrote, “Ghar
Buying a house under 25
Brb paying EMI’s”.

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Chandni Bhabhda holds a law degree and is also an actor. She was featured in a comedy show Constable Girapde on Amazon miniTV. In an interview with Forbes India, she said, “A lot of people don’t know this, but I started very young, in 2016, while I was in school. Growing up, I didn’t have many friends. The one friend dear to me was the camera, and I loved acting and recording myself on it. While making videos for fun, I was doing multiple things—I was also studying to become a lawyer, I was a video jockey, and I hosted live shows. Through all this, I realised that I love the idea of having the freedom to create content and make people smile. After I completed five years of studying law, I had two options—I could either continue with a career in law or with content creation and see where it goes. I chose the latter and it has been amazing since.

It was surely difficult, but I think it is important to understand their perspective. Their concern does not come from a place of wanting to dictate your life, but from a perspective of possessiveness. They want to see that you have a stable career, and that you’re happy. But it`s also important to sometimes listen to what your heart says and just go with that instead of following the tried and tested. Corporate jobs can give you financial stability which you can’t always say is the case in our field. It could be that right now I`m earning too much, but cut to the next few months, I might not be earning at all. So, I think there are pros and cons to it. After I got my law degree, I asked my parents to give me two years. I told them, “In two years, if you don`t see this happening, I`m going to do whatever you want me to do.”

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