City Turning Into Poachers’ Hub, ₹5cr Wildlife Goods Seized This Yr | Thane News


THANE: The city is slowly turning a hub for poachers to sell contraband wildlife articles following the series of seizures by the police in the recent past.
The observation of the police officials is validated by a total of Rs 5 crore such goods that have been seized in seven such cases this year till date.
As many as seven cases have been registered in the last eight months by the Thane city police and 18 accused have been arrested in the case, according to police data. The recent cases of smuggling of the Ivory tusks points out the vulnerability of the area for trafficking animal goods. The crime branch had recently arrested four persons who were involved in the selling of the ivory tusks worth Rs 2.5 crore.
Moreover, the smuggling of sand boa snake and some of the past cases of pangolin scale seizure have come forward wherein the accused were trying to sell the wildlife articles in Thane. Apart from this, the police also seized antlers of Sambar and Chital deers. A senior police official said that the alleged poachers are turning towards wildlife trade for quick money.
“Some of the arrested accused lost their jobs during the pandemic. Its is possible that they might have chosen to smuggle the articles for quick money,”added the officer.
When asked why the city is turning out to be a favorite spot for poachers, the official said, “The peculiar geographical location of the city, and the number of access and exit points is one of the reasons that the demand has been high from the region.
“Access to Thane is relatively porous than that to Mumbai by means including national highways and railways which are connected to various states. This enables the smugglers to get easy access in and around the city. Rather than going to Mumbai, where the security is stringent due to CCTVs at the entry and exit points, smugglers prefer to operate from the periphery, as the Thane has a blend of rural and urban pockets where surveillance is comparatively less,” police officer. said.


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