BJP got Rs10 crore from Mumbai-based trust in ’21-22: Election Commission | India News


NEW DELHI: Mumbai-based A B General Electoral Trust gave all of its Rs 10 crore donations in 2021-22 to the BJP, while the Rs 50 lakh contribution routed through the Triumph Electoral Trust landed in DMK’s kitty during the same period.
As per the contribution report filed by A B General Electoral Trust for the year 2021-22, Hindalco Industries contributed a total Rs 10 crore to the trust, through two separate cheques of Rs 5 crore each. Both these contributions were disbursed to the BJP.
Chennai-based Triumph Electoral Trust received Rs 50 lakh from Tube Investments of India Limited in FY 2021-22, which it disbursed to Tamil Nadu’s ruling party DMK.
Both A B General Electoral Trust and Triumph Electoral Trust had declared ‘nil’ contributions in 2020-21.
Meanwhile, the five other electoral trusts to have filed contribution reports for the year 2021-22 — New Democratic Electoral Trust, Jankalyan Electoral Trust, Jaihind Electoral Trust, Swadeshi Electoral Trust and Jaibharath Electoral Trust — have declared ‘nil’ contributions.


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