Analysts release footage of destroyed Russian convoy on Vuhledar front

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The Deep State analysts have released a video showing the destruction of a convoy of Russian military equipment near the settlement of Mykilske in Donetsk Oblast.

Source: Telegram channel of Deep State military analytics 

Quote: “There is no complete understanding of the circumstances of the fight. Preliminary reports indicate that a convoy with a significant number of tanks and airborne troops attempted to attack to the east of the village. As a result, at least 18 pieces of military equipment have been struck, and some of the damage can be seen in the video.”


Details: Heavy fighting has resulted in defeat for the Russians. In total, according to Deep State, they have lost 18 pieces of equipment.

Among these pieces, at least eight tanks and three armoured fighting vehicles were identified.

Oleksandr Shuptun, spokesperson for the Tavriia Operational-Strategic Group, told Ukrainska Pravda that the Russians had attempted to conduct an offensive on the Vuhledar front, but the Ukrainian forces had caused them significant losses.

“10 pieces of equipment have been destroyed and damaged. Total losses are currently being clarified,” Shuptun stated.

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