After 4.5 years, panel set up to review maximum speed limit of vehicles | India News


NEW DELHI: After a gap of nearly four-and-half years, the road transport ministry has started the process for review of the maximum speed limit for different types of vehicles on different categories of roads. The ministry on Friday set up a nine-member committee to review the current norm and recommend the road ahead.
The speed limit for vehicles linked to the categories of road was last updated in April 2018. Currently, cars are allowed to drive at a maximum speed of 100kmph on highways and 120kmph on expressways. The maximum speed on urban roads is 70kmph. However, local authorities and state governments have the power to set lower limits.
“Keeping in view the improved engine technology, additional safety features and better and varied road infrastructure, a need to review the speed limit has been felt,” the ministry said in its order.
Union road transport minister Nitin Gadkari has been talking about the need to increase the speed limits on highways and expressways citing the high pace of highway construction, which are wider and access-controlled as well. He has been saying that the existing speed limits at certain places seem a bit obsolete. “We must have different speed limits for greenfield expressways, access-controlled highways, 6-and 8-lane highways,” the minister said recently.
Gadkari has said that the top speed on expressways can be increased up to 140kmph as there are no intersections in between and the vehicles are plying in a single direction.


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